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New Medicare Advantage Plans

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our site! You may have heard that some new Medicare Advantage plans have come to Onslow County, and I greatly appreciate the overwhelming response that we had during the recent Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)! Simply put, these plans may be a great new option for Medicare Beneficiaries to get broad and affordable insurance coverage. Medicare Advantage is an alternative to traditional Medicare that can provide the same level of coverage but at a lower premium cost compared to traditional Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance. There is also a Special Enrollment Period in North Carolina through March 31st
due to severe winter weather that allows qualified applicants to enroll in one of these plans beyond the AEP deadline.

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Don't Wait Another Day

May 17, 20232 min read

Life Insurance: A Must-Have for Young People .” - Bill Mercer

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Life Insurance: A Must-Have for Young People

The Importance of Life Insurance for Young People

Life insurance is often seen as a product for older people, but it is actually just as important for young people. In fact, there are many reasons why young people should consider buying life insurance.

1. Protect your loved ones financially.

The most important reason to buy life insurance is to protect your loved ones financially in the event of your death. If you have a spouse, children, or other dependents, life insurance can provide them with a financial safety net. The death benefit from a life insurance policy can be used to cover funeral expenses, pay off debts, or provide income for your loved ones.

2. Lock in low rates.

The younger you are when you buy life insurance, the lower your rates will be. This is because your health is more likely to be good when you are young, and you are less likely to have any pre-existing conditions. If you wait until you are older to buy life insurance, your rates may be much higher.

3. Build wealth over time.

Some types of life insurance policies, such as whole life insurance, can also help you build wealth over time. These policies accumulate cash value, which you can borrow against or withdraw from during your lifetime. This can be a great way to save for retirement, pay for college, or cover other major expenses.

4. Get peace of mind.

Knowing that your loved ones are financially protected can give you peace of mind. Life insurance can take the financial burden off of your loved ones in the event of your death, so they can focus on grieving and moving on with their lives.

If you are a young person, I encourage you to consider buying life insurance. It is a smart financial decision that can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Here are some additional tips for young people who are considering buying life insurance:

  • Get quotes from multiple insurers.

  • Compare different types of policies.

  • Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Buy a policy that fits your needs and budget.

If you have any questions about life insurance, please call me. My team and I can help you choose the right policy for you and your family.

Respectfully yours,

Life Insurance: A Must-Have for Young People

Bill Mercer

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Medicare 101

Supplemental insurance refers to additional or extra insurance that helps to cover the services and out-of-pocket expenses that an individual’s primary Medicare insurance doesn’t cover.

Some supplemental insurance plans will cover the out-of-pocket cost-sharing that comes with your health insurance plan, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments. They may also cover medical services that your usual health service plan doesn’t cover at all, including dental and vision fees.


Disability Insurance

As its name suggests, disability insurance is a type of insurance product that provides income in the event that a policyholder is prevented from working and earning an income due to a disability.


Long Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) insurance is coverage that provides nursing-home care, home-health care, and personal or adult daycare for individuals age 65 or older or with a chronic or disabling condition that needs constant supervision. LTC insurance offers more flexibility and options than many public assistance programs, such as 




Individual Health

Individual health insurance is coverage that you purchase on your own, on an individual or family basis, as opposed to obtaining through an employer or from a government-run program like 

Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP



Group Health Insurance

Group Insurance health plans provide coverage to a group of members, usually comprised of company employees or members of an organization. Group health members usually receive insurance at a reduced cost because the insurer’s risk is spread across a group of policyholders


Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between you and an insurer that pays out a sum of money upon your death to those you designate as beneficiaries. You, the policyholder, pay life insurance premiums in exchange for the coverage. Life insurance companies invest the premiums they receive from customers, hoping that returns on their investments will yield a profit before they have to pay out a life insurance claim.


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